Fighting blindness

According to official statistics, there are about two million people live with blindness and vision loss in Vietnam. One out of three of them live in poor condition and unable to access treatment; 80% of the vision loss are avoidable.

Orbis began working in Vietnam in 1996, providing ophthalmic training in local hospitals in collaboration with the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology. In 2003, an Orbis office was set up in Hanoi following the launch of several long-term projects and the establishment of the country's first eye bank.

Despite the great effort of the Vietnamese Government and eye care community, Vietnam continues to face obstacles in providing comprehensive eye care services, especially in rural areas.

What We Do in Vietnam

Orbis works closely with local partners to build strong and sustainable eye care systems that put treatment and prevention within reach, making sure everyone across the country can access the eye care they need to thrive.

Our strategic priorities in Vietnam include:

  • Pediatric eye care;
  • Community-based primary eye care;
  • Human resources development; and
  • Cross-cutting areas (partnership, technology, learning and equity)

See who we are and what we do in Vietnam

Our Key Achievements in Vietnam

  • Supported the establishment of 17 centers for the screening and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity
    • Of which six centers were strengthened as retinopathy of prematurity training centers
  • Contributed to the establishment of six pediatric eye care centers
  • Supported the establishment or improvement of:
    • 35 secondary hospitals
    • Eight tertiary hospitals
    • 20 vision centers
    • One wet lab
    • One eye bank
  • Collaborated with neonatal intensive care units in 11 provinces to improve eye care for babies born prematurely.
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