Orbis is an international nonprofit that builds strong and sustainable eye care systems globally that put treatment and prevention within reach.

We believe in a world where everyone can access the eye care they need to thrive.

Changing the Way the World Sees®

A staggering 90% of all vision loss is treatable or preventable. That equates to 1 billion people on this planet living with vision loss from avoidable causes. Nine out of ten people with vision loss live in low- and middle-income countries, and 55% are women and girls.

We believe in a world where everyone can access the eye care they need to thrive.

To combat this, we build strong eye care systems that cover the full range of eye care services — from educating people about eye health and the importance of preventive care to identifying eye conditions in the community to providing treatment and follow-up services for those who need them.

Infographic shows Orbis's vision and mission statements and values of accountability, commitment, innovation, integrity and equity

Our mission, vision, and values.

We not only improve access to eye care in the communities that need it most, but we do it in a sustainable and strategic way that leaves a lasting legacy of vision.

Orbis in Vietnam

Orbis Vietnam is a branch of Orbis International established in 2003. Orbis began collaborating with Vietnam’s ophthalmic communities through hospital-based projects in 1996. A permanent office was established in Hanoi in 2003. Orbis has been providing the highest level of expertise to support the development of eye care services and blindness prevention in Vietnam – especially in the areas of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), diabetic retinopathy (DR), pediatric and cataract services and in establishing an eye bank.

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