ACS International Schools

Since 2000, ACS International Schools have been working in partnership with Orbis to promote global citizenship amongst its students.

Are you a current student at an ACS School? Applications are now open for the 2020 internship!

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Every year students have the opportunity to apply for an overseas journalism internship with Orbis. Selected students visit an Orbis partner hospital where they meet local eye care professionals and their patients who are benefiting from Orbis programmes.

I think Orbis is making a huge difference, particularly with their work in schools and through their doctor training programmes. I was really impressed that the work of Orbis is so continuous with the organisations that it works with. Rather than only helping once, Orbis checks on the schools and hospitals it works with to ensure that the help that has been provided is really making a difference.

If you would like to find out more about ways your company could work with Orbis please contact

Kathryn Sweet, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Orbis UK.

Phone number: 020 7608 7282